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(Download The Purge) Generally, The Purge is about a family that is invested in security equipment and they are stinking rich because of their business.(The Purge Download) As the trailer identified, crime, poverty, and other societal blemishes are at an all-time minimum. This is because for one night a year the United States government has legally enacted a period during which all crime is legal. People are granted the right to go all out in murdering, raping, and pillaging their fellow man. Nobody is truly safe and anything can happen.

(Download The Purge) Perhaps a person has a vendetta against a boss or a coworker or an ex-girlfriend or even against their own family. During the Purge those people may be victimized even with a chainsaw or a screwdriver or a bomb. Anything is legal because all Emergency Services are suspended during the Purge.(The Purge Download) Ethan Hawke's family (for the purposes of the movie) are secure because their mansion is protected with state-of-the-art security equipment. It is impenetrable...from the inside out. When his children make a stupid mistake and allow a man pleading for his life to enter their home, their lives are jeopardized. The runaway man is dangerous...but not as perilous as those costumed cretins chasing him.(Download The Purge Movie) Their predicament becomes a no-win scenario in which violence is all but assured.

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(Download The Purge) The Purge is an exciting movie with a great premise and the acting is top-notch. The movie earned $34 million for a reason. Reviewers and moviegoers utilized word-of-mouth to promulgate the film's terrifying nature. People love to have hair-raising encounters at the movie theater.(Download The Purge Movie) We do not pay to be bored and unaroused. We want blood. And if you watch The Purge you shall have it.

(Download The Purge) I’d like to welcome you to our first article of a new column called “Reel Theology”. Through this column,(Watch The Purge Online) we hope to look at theological, spiritual, and moral narratives that are found all throughout film. Today we are looking at the movie The Purge, and how it deals with the subject of morality.

(Download The Purge) In the film, once a year, in the New United States of America, citizens are encouraged to participate in a 12 hour event called The Purge. During this time, crime, including murder, is legal. (The Purge Download) The Purge has been embraced with the explanation that it allows everyone a natural release from the build up of impulses that, left unchecked, would lead to an increase of crime.

(Download The Purge) The Sandin family is a rich, affluent family who has everything it seems, at least on the outside. James Sandin (Ethan Hawke) is the top salesman for a security company responsible for selling security systems designed to keep people safely locked in their homes during the purge. (Download The Purge Movie) When his son lets a homeless man into their home during the purge, in order to protect him from being murdered, the family is faced with a grave choice: either turn the man over to the mob who is outside demanding their right to purge their murderous desires by killing the man, or allow the man sanctuary which would result in all of their deaths.(The Purge Download) The rest of the film is the decision that is made and the ramifications of that decision.

(Download The Purge) The movie’s entire premise is that we are nothing but animals and that we need a release from the natural instincts dwelling within us. These may include the desire to be jealous, to bring about our own justice, to release some steam, or to destroy, hurt, or kill those whom we think deserve it. (Watch The Purge Online) The Purge is our country’s way of allowing us to have that release, in order to ensure that during the other days of the year, we hold ourselves together, and go against our true destructive nature.

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